OB Software develop custom solutions for small to large businesses. We develop on Windows, Windows Mobile, Apple Macintosh and the Apple iPhone & iPad. We develop in many different tools including Visual Basic, SQL, Real Studio Objective C and FileMaker Pro.

    Examples of some customized solutions provided to our customers:
    ▪ Stock Control
    ▪ Document Management
    ▪ Office Management
    ▪ Project Management
    ▪ Software & Hardware Manufacturing Quality Control
    ▪ Manufacturing Processes
    ▪ Analogue to Digital Solutions
    ▪ Barcode Enabled Systems

    Based on your user-requirement specification, we will work with you to ensure you receive the solution that best meets your needs.

    Evaluation Period

    After the software is installed at your site, it is available to you for 30 days for evaluation.

    On smaller projects payment for the project is not required until the evaluation period has passed to ensure you are satisfied with the solution. For medium to large projects a deposit will be required before development can commence.
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    Some of our Customers