Flexible Pricing

We offer many different pricing structures to suit our customers' needs. Pricing depends a number of factors:
  • Type of Model
  • Number of users
  • Data Storage Location
  • Maintenance and Support
For example, Jazz with 5 concurrent licences, using the SaaS model and storing your data in the Cloud would cost a little over €100 per month. Deciding to store the data locally, instead of in the Could, will bring you monthly cost below €100.

Flexible Data Storage

With any software system the information must be stored somewhere. Our product range allows you to store the data on your own computer, on a server in your office or in the Cloud.
If you prefer to keep you data local, giving you control over your backups or you might want to integrate into an existing system, then you can store your data on your server. If, however, you prefer to let us take care of you data, reducing the for technical support within your company, then you can store your data in the Cloud.

Concurrent vs Seats Licences

OB Software employs a "Concurrent" Licensing system. Most companies sell licences "By Seat", which means you can only have a specific number of computers using the software. Our concurrent system limits the number of people who can connect at the same time. So if you have some people who want to use the system infrequently in you company, they might be able to share their connection, thus saving your company unnecessary costs. We think our system is fairer.

SaaS - Software as a Service

You can choose to rent our products on a monthly basis for as long as your wish. You can even choose to leave and, provided you re-sign up within six months, can re-connect to your data right where you left off.

RTO - Rent to Own

If you prefer to own the software over time, but your budget restricts you from purchasing outright, you can choose the RTO model, where the software becomes your in time.

Purchase Licences

If you prefer to pay for things up front, reducing, or even eliminating, your monthly outgoing, then you can choose to purchase concurrent licences. You can choose to pay an optional annual subscription for support and/or free updates or you can choose to pay-as-you-go for any support or future upgrades that become available.

Customising Our Products to Suit Your Needs

Whilst we endeavour to cater for the majority of our customers, if have very specific needs within your company, we can customise our products to suit your exact needs.
We will work with you from initial stages of forming the plan, to design, implementation and support, ensuring you have a system which is catered to your needs in every possible way.
(The SaaS model is not available to customised systems)


If you would like a details quotation on any of our products, please feel free to contact us with your requirements.