OB Software Training and Consultancy

    OB Software offer training in many areas on both Windows and the Apple Macintosh platforms:


    1. Introduction to Computers
    2. Introduction to eMail and the Web
    3. Introduction to Databases
    4. Introduction to FileMaker Pro
    5. Introduction to PhotoShop


    1. File Servers & Management
    2. Web Design
    3. Creating Databases with Microsoft Access
    4. Advanced Features of FileMaker
    5. Getting Microsoft Excel to Work for You


    1. Visual Basic Development
    2. Integrating Databases with the Web
    3. Create your own Web Based Shop
    4. Communication with Peripherals (Barcode, I/O, A/D, etc)

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    OB Software offer the expertise we have built over the years to our customers.

    Our knowledge spans a wide are of experience:
    • Stock Control
    • Document Management
    • Automation
    • Office Management
    • Project Management
    • Graphics Manipulation
    • Drop-In-The-Box Software Solutions
    • Software & Hardware Manufacturing Quality Control
    • Manufacturing Processes
    • Analogue to Digital Solutions
    • Barcode Enabled Systems

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    Consultancy and Training